Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 16

Well everyone, yet another week has gone by. It's the beginning of yet another week, one that should be pretty good too. Last week was good, and as I go through this week, I hope to see success in all that we do.

We saw David again this week, and his wife, Sue, was sitting in the same room. About halfway through our lesson, she became interested in what we were talking about and wants to know more! We said we could teach her from the beginning. She said that was fine, and hopefully we'll see her tomorrow! It's really exciting and the Lord has blessed us so much. I love it!

We went and finished sharing the message of the Restoration with Tessa and her daughter Emily. They really liked it and said they would come to church! Unfortunately we didn't see them there yesterday, but we'll see them again on Wednesday. I think they could be pretty golden. They were both way into it in the lesson and seemed to love it when we started teaching them about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. I'm really excited for them. Tessa also said her son would be with them on Wednesday, so we might begin teaching him, too!! It's been amazing.

Daniel is doing well also. We were able to see him Wednesday and taught him what we call the "Eggbert Lesson"...I'll take a video and try to send it sometime. He said he wants to be baptized, but sadly we are still trying to figure out if his mom will let him. Hopefully it will all work out, but we're not sure at this point.

We saw Kenneth again on Thursday and had a really good lesson with him. He believes it's all true and wants to become a member! The bummer is that he hasn't told his parents and he's 17, so if they don't want him to get baptized, we have to wait until he's 18. Hopefully his parents will be able to see this is something he wants and something that will make him happy. It's so amazing to see the desire people have and what they will go through to do what they feel is right. We're excited for him and really hope he can make things work.

J.J. and Hayden are still on track to be baptized! His baptism will be this Saturday and we are way excited for him. The whole family has really started coming back to church on a regular basis and it's been so cool to see them be able to come back to activity. Hopefully things will continue to improve for them and they will be able to attend church more often.

Mendi is also doing well, and is preparing herself to be baptized on November 7th! I know I said we had a date set earlier, but this is the legit one and we are so excited!! She's come such a long way since we first started teaching her and she really understands everything we teach. It's so cool to see how easily she accepts it now and how much sense it makes to her. I have loved being a part of it and hope things continue to work out well. Sadly, that day is after transfers, so if I do get transferred, hopefully I'll be able to come back to see it. There really shouldn't be an issue, but you never know what can happen out here.

Korea is doing well. We saw him yesterday and he's still loving church and is going to school right now at University of North Texas (I's UNT, so that makes sense to me =P). The Lewis' are also doing well and they are having a good time. Delia and her family are great, except for the fact they were fairly sick this weekend. We talked to them today, though, and they are doing a bit better.

Well, that's really all I have this week. I hope all is great back home!

Elder Grondel

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