Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Week 29

Hey everyone! It’s been—you guessed it—another great week here in Texas! I know that’s how I start every entry, but I tried coming up with different ways to do it and none of them really fit as well. So it’s now my trademark while I’m here. I hope everyone had a good week last week. We certainly did—even though it was freezing! This week was the coldest it’s been in the Dallas area for 15 years! It dropped down to about 13 degrees on Friday (during the night) and it was below freezing the rest of the day…needles to say, Elder Hardy and I were wearing sweat pants under our slacks. It was not fun.
This week went well, despite a lot of cancellations. We saw Lawson again this week and had to move his baptismal date up a week because the last weekend in January is Stake conference for the Allen stake. He was fine with it, though, and is still set to be baptized. The other exciting news about that is his girlfriend Jen sat in on the lesson the last time we were over there! She seems pretty interested and may start learning with Lawson! We’re really excited. It’s so cool to see how excited Lawson is, too. We’re hoping everything will go well for Lawson and that he will become a strong member of the Church.
We weren’t able to see the Ramirez family this week and Susanna and the kids were supposed to come, but when we went to pick them up, Susanna was sick and wasn’t able to make it. We gave her a blessing and hope all will be well with her but it was pretty upsetting. We were actually supposed to have 7 non-members at church yesterday but none of them were bale to make it. Lawson and Jen accidentally slept in, Susanna was sick, and Tish and her daughter (a couple of potential investigators) didn’t show up. Hopefully everything will work out, though. We’re hoping to see the Ramirez family this week as well as Tish and her daughter.
We were able to see Tyrone Woods last night but not anyone else because they all had tons of things to do; however, we read the 11th chapter of 3 Nephi out of the Book of Mormon with him and he really liked it. He remembered a lot of what we taught him and Sharon and is more than willing to have us come over again. He knows the importance of repentance and baptism and is excited to learn about the Restored Gospel.
Well, that’s all I really have this week! I know it’s not a lot but a bunch of things punched (cancelled) and we’re looking forward to this week. Have a good week!
Elder Grondel

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