Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week 45

Hey y’all!

It’s been another great week here in East Texas! This week was great in some respects and terrible in others. Overall, it was a good week, filled with the Spirit and with teachings from the leaders of the mission. We had Leadership an accountability, which is a meeting where the District and Zone leaders and the Assistants to the President get together for trainings and to set goals and plans for the missionaries in the District and Zone. It was really good, and that afternoon, I had an interview with President Smith (it was a regular one, don’t worry I’m not in trouble) and it was a really good conversation. Friday we had Zone conference, in which I was asked to sing (yikes!). IT was really good, though; I sang “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer” a Capella and man it was cool. The Spirit was way strong and right after that it was open to testimonies and it was a really good one. There were very few dry eyes, if any at all. We also had some good talks and it was a lot of fun and again, filled by the Spirit.

So this week we didn’t find anyone new at all to teach. We talked to a bunch of people and put some good finding time in, but sadly it yielded no results. Elder Hill and I are definitely looking forward to this next week, though, and will hopefully be finding more people.

There really hasn’t been a change with any of our investigators except for Carlton. He won’t be getting baptized on May 22nd. He still likes having us come over, but he really isn’t willing to change. Or so we thought. We saw him on Saturday night and had an INCREDIBLE lesson with him about the Atonement and the Gospel and Faith, how true faith requires action. He said he knew he needed to change, we emphasized the need to be baptized by the proper authority, and he agreed to pray to know specifically if he needs to be baptized into our church. It was great.

There is only one other miracle this week and it’s a woman named Patsy. She has a stepdaughter named Micah (who lives in Arkansas) who recently joined the church and is planning on getting sealed to her husband in the temple in July. Micah called us and asked us to go by her, and we gave Patsy a call and went by this last week. Her stepson (Micah’s brother) also died of a heart attack last week at 28 years old, and she just found out she has colon cancer. She is going through a lot, and we were asked to go over to see her and to give her a priesthood blessing. We went there and Micah was there as well, as they are planning on having the funeral in Tyler. We gave her a powerful blessing and she loved it and wants us to come back soon. We haven’t seen her since then, but we are hoping to get over there sometime this week (like Wednesday or Thursday). That will be very good for her and for us. We are excited.

Well, that’s really all for this week. Hope y’all have a good one!

Elder Grondel

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