Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 66

Hello y'all!! It's been another wonderful week here in Frisco, Texas! SO transfer calls were Saturday (can you believe it's been 6 weeks already? I barely can!) and I am NOT getting transferred, and neither is Elder Mosca. We are staying together for at least another 6 weeks and possibly longer. You never know. I am excited to be with Elder Mosca for a little while longer--I can still learn a lot from him.
This week was a really good week. We taught a lot of lessons and found several new investigators. Mikey is doing really well; he's almost done smoking (he's down to one every couple days) and he was at church yesterday! He is really smart and knows pretty much everything from when he was taught before. Now we just need to help him to find a place to live and we will be good to go. He is looking forward to the 16th of October to be baptized.
Luis and Tiffany are still doing well; we are reviewing all the lessons for Luis and finalizing wedding and baptism plans. They were at church yesterday and enjoying it. We are planning on seeing them 3 times a week until the wedding, so we may have a lot of cool experiences to share.
This week we picked up a sweet new investigator named Jennifer. She was dating a member of one of the Frisco wards and was going to church with him a couple times. They broke up and she didn't go for a while, but she went the past couple weeks and the missionaries serving in the ward she was going to found out her address and found out she lives in the 3rd ward! SO we met with them and started teaching her. She really has loved church and basically her end goal is to know these things are true so she can be baptized. It's going to be way sweet. We are seeing her this week and so we will extend the invitation to be baptized and hopefully see her get baptized by the end of October or beginning of November.
We saw Sarah this week as well. She is doing good but has been really busy lately, so it has been hard for us to teach her. We were planning on just seeing Lara (her daughter) for new member lessons, but she was there and sat it about 15 minutes after we got there for the Plan of Salvation. We had set up an appointment for this Saturday at 8 PM but somehow forgot that was General Priesthood session of conference. So we will have to reschedule. But we did get to see her! It was really good.
I've also discovered over the past several weeks that being a zone leader requires a lot of paperwork...and I also found out how much I dislike paper work. So I just hope I never get a job where I have to deal with a lot of paperwork; however, that may be impossible. I think every job has paper work. So here's my new hope: I have enough money to one day hire people to do it for me. I dunno. It doesn't matter.
It's finally starting to cool down for REAL this time. Last time I said that, it was like that for a week and then it was in the 90's for the rest of September. So hopefully it really is cooling down. It's supposed to stay in the low 80's the entire week. We'll see what happens.
I love y'all and miss y'all. Have a great week!!
Elder Grondel

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