Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20, 2009

What a week. To start, Monday Elder Smith and myself set a baptisimal date with Melissa and Logan Lewis for August 1st! We're really excited too!! They have had such good experiences with the Gospel and have really changed. Melissa is happier more often and Logan is just awesome. He really knows what he is doing and that this is what he wants. We're way stoked to see them baptized. Their progression has been awesome, and Kelly (Melissa's husband) has agreed to take the lessons now, and we had a great lesson with them Saturday night. He's really interested now!

We tried to see Juan, but he hurt his shoulder lifting something at work, and when we went to see him, he had dozed off because of the medicine the doctor gave him. The rest of our investigators are kinda staying where they are, and Elder Smith and I are trying to find new investigators; sadly we haven't had much success. We did tract into a guy named Shawn though, and we have another appointment with him tomorrow, so we'll see how he does and what he though of out first lesson.

I've lost another 5 pounds (woo hoo!). I just hope I'll have the motivation to keep going after Elder Smith leaves. He's been the one getting me to do it. I really enjoy it now, though, so I don't think it'll be too much of a problem.

$mitty's (Elder Smith's) birthday was on Thursday and it rocked. We went over to the Sorensen's house for dinner and they went all out. The dinner rocked and at the end Sister Sorensen made a red velvet cake from the recipe $mitty's mom uses and had sent to her...and oh mu gosh it was delicious. It was seriously the best red velvet cake I have ever had. we felt so full that night and worked out way hard the next morning to make sure we burned it off. However it was totally worth it. The best part for Elder Smith was the last part. His mom sent a video of the family singing "Happy Birthday" to him and he absolutely loved it. It was so cool and now I'm really excited to meet his family...which won't be for 2 years...dangit. It was great though, and now $mitty is the bigh 2-1 and will be heading home soon...='(

Today was way sweet. Robert Peterson, one of Elder Smith's recent converts (he was baptized in May), knows a guy who does outdoor laser tag, and he set up a day for us to go out and play. We had about 25 people there (20 were missionaries--half from our zone and half from another) and we played in an 8-and-a-half acre forest with a bunch of trails and bunkers made out of sticks/logs. It was seriously one of the coolest things I've ever done. We played 5 games, and the guns were M16 airsoft guns that had been modified with an infrared laser. It was unbelievably awesome. Sadly, our team lost most of the games, but it was still really cool. We'll be doing it next month too, so you can imagine my excitement. =D

Well I love y'all and hope you have a good week!!

Elder Grondel

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Josh Hoffman said...

Douggggggyyyyy!!!!!!! Sorry I mean Elder Jeffrey Grondel! I miss you bro. It is not the same with out you here. I mean I do not have anyone that can give me a challenge at mini golf cause you are not here...not that you were really that big of challenger because I squashed you like bug everytime!!! I miss you bro. Be safe and have a blast.

love peace and taco grease


ps whats your secret for losing all the weight because I am getting fat. my email is write me