Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Week 19

So now begins a new transfer in a new area! I'll admit, this week has been one of the slowest of my mission, but it's been really good at the same time. I think a big part of it is just getting adjusted to a new area and a different setting. I was transferred to Allen, Texas, Serving in the Allen 1st and 6th wards in the Allen Stake. My companion's name is Elder Van Cleve and he is awesome. We are having such a good time already and we get along great. We've set a goal to find, teach, and baptize a family this transfer and I think we can do it!! It's gonna require a lot of hard work and obedience, but I know the Lord will provide if we are faithful to him.

So the biggest change is that I'm now on a bike. I was in a car up in Little Elm, so it's way different and WAY exhausting. I have never been more tired in my life. I love it so much though and almost prefer it to a car (sometimes...not when it's raining). It's perfect this time of year, too, so it's really nice to ride.

I really don't have much to say here, sadly enough. The work here is very little (apparently the missionaries here baptized everyone and now we've got to find more people to teach) but we do have a couple of people that could be good. First is a kid named Trevor, who is 24 and very open about the church. He basically said he would continue meeting with us until he found something he didn't like. We found a kid named D.J. the other day and he has a lot of potential too. Like I said earlier, we want to find a family but haven't yet, but there is a family we have been trying to meet with that has a lot of potential. This transfer will be hard, but it will be good.

So Elder Brooksby is in my Zone! He was in the MTC with me and it's gonna be way fun to see him every week or so here in Allen. I'm excited to serve around him and have a good time with him. It's been so nice to have companions that I came out with around me. There are a lot of good missionaries in the zone as well so this transfer will be a lot of fun.

Well, that's all I've got right now! I promise I'll write more next week.


Elder Grondel

P.S. My new address is:

Elder Grondel
205 Benton Dr #11108
Allen, TX 75013

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