Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Week 21

Hey Y'all!! This week has been good. We got a lot of things done and were able to see a few people. While a lot of our work did not bring a lot of success, I know that the Lord was pleased and that if we keep him on our minds, we will be blessed with things to do and people to teach.

This week we saw Trevor a couple of times, once on Tuesday and once on Saturday. We had a member named Mike Fackrell come with us on Tuesday and he was able to connect with Trevor really well. When we saw Trevor again on Saturday we started teaching him the Plan of Salvation more in depth and we just realized how bright of a kid he really is. He was basically able to figure out that all things were created spiritually before they were created physically from the Bible. Most people don't realize that without modern revelation. He was definitely more open to it this time and we hope he'll keep reading and praying because if he gains a testimony of the Book of Mormon, then everything else will follow for him.

On Wednesday we went and saw a former investigator named Travis. Right now he's not very religious and is pretty much agnostic because he said religion can't be "proved" to him and he hasn't found anything to convince him otherwise. So we'll see how that goes. He did say he wanted something for his daughters, though, so we'll see how that goes and hopefully we'll start teaching them.

Other than that there really hasn't been much going on. We've been meeting several of the members lately so I can get to know everyone better & right now we're just working & praying that we will be blessed with people to teach.

Hope all is well with all of you!!


Elder Grondel

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