Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Week 20

Hey Y'all! So I just finished my second week here in Allen and it's been great! It has been a little hard getting adjusted to the differences, but it's been fun and I've loved it so far. I think this will be a good transfer.

This week we had pretty good success. We were able to see Trevor this week and start teaching him about the plan of salvation. He was a little thrown off about it, but he promised that he would pray about it to really try to understand what we had taught him. Sadly he wasn't at church on Sunday, but his work schedule has been pretty busy lately so we'll just have to see.

We also went with one of our assistants to the President, Elder Kelly. He's a really great missionary and a really hard worker. While we were out working, we decided to drop-by a less active member & found him and his wife there. We were let in and we taught his wife & she liked what we were saying a lot. Sadly, her husband has lost his testimony, but there is great hope for her. It'll be hard, but really good.

The best news is WE FOUND A FAMILY!! We were looking through some of the Former Investigators records and found the Woods there. They seemed promising so we set up an appointment & taught them! We were only able to teach the mom & dad yesterday, but we're hoping to get their sons involved as well. It will be very exciting to see what happens!

Saturday was way awesome. I was able to go back to The Colony to see Mendi Delavan be baptized!! I was so excited and happy to see it. It was incredible and I am so happy for her and her decision. I pray that all will go well for her.

Well that's pretty much it from me! I hope all is going well for the rest of you!


Elder Grondel

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