Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 32

Hey y'all!! It's been another great week in Texas!! I know last week's letter was pretty long and I don't have as much time today so this one will be a little shorter.
First for the most exciting news: Carlos got baptized this weekend!! It was so cool to see how quickly he progressed in the last week and Elder Hardy and I were so excited to see him get baptized. He and his wife Kayli were way excited too and hopefully we will be able to see them go to the temple in a year! It was a wonderful teaching experience and he truly is one of the elect. He understood everything we taught and didn't have a problem with anything. It was incredible.
We saw Beth again this week and had a really powerful powerful lesson with her. She didn't show up to church this week but that's ok; she should be there next week.
Wednesday we saw Brother Johnson again and had a really powerful lesson with him. It has been really good for him and it was nice to see him again. That evening we went and saw Carlos and Kayli (awesome lesson) and I went ans saw Suzie and had an interesting lesson there. She's nice, but it will be interesting to see how that one progresses.
Thursday we had leadership and accountability (basically training on how to be a better leader) and it was really good. I learned a lot. Then I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and Elder Martin came with me and we saw Jesse and had a way good lesson with him!! We are going to see him again on Thursday and should start teaching his wife then, too!! It will be cool to see what happens. We also saw Lawson and had a good lesson with him. It's getting harder because we don't have a lot left to teach him and we need to help him progress. Later that evening we went and saw the Grassi's (recent convert family) and we will stert teaching them the new member lessons. It will be good. after that we went and met with a girl named Natasha. The grassi's have a son named Trevor who is dating Natasha and she is interested in the gospel. She was really open and it will be a really good ting to be teaching her, as Trevor was just baptized in October and hasn't been doing the best with his testimony lately. It will be cool.
Friday we planned...lame...and that evening we had a great time. We went on splits and I went and saw Carlos and Kayli (bomb lesson again) and Elder Hardy went and saw Jeremy and Sydney and Cody. It was a good night.
Saturday was of course the baptism. That evening we had stake conference here in Allen and Elder Kevin Pierson of the Seventy came and spoke. It was really powerful, as the evening session was just for the adults and so it was pretty quiet and he spoke with power. We went to both sessions the next day and it was really cool to hear from him two more times. He is such a good speaker and now I can't wait for general conference.
Well that's it for the week!! I'll hopefully have pictures from the baptism next week to send to y'all. Have a good one!!
Elder Grondel

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