Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 34

Hey Y'all!! It's been another wonderful week here in the state of Texas! Because it's President's day, we are using a member's computer right now so I don't have a ton of time, but I'll write as much as I can.

This week went better than last. We were able to see Lawson and had an ok visit with him...he's kinds sitting on the fence right now and we want him to progress but it's difficult because of the environment he lives in. We're hopefully going to get him to quit smoking this week (keep him in your prayers!) and that should help a lot. We saw Beth this week but she isn't keeping her commitments, so sadly we may have to drop her soon. We don't want to, but sometimes it's what has to be done.

The really exciting news is that we found quite a number of people to teach. The first is a couple that lives next door to some members here. Their names are AJ and Cindy, and their neighbors have been working with them for 3 years. They went to Stake conference and loved listening to Elder Pearson speak, and have become really interested in the church now. They have come to church the past three weeks and enjoyed it every time. We are teaching them in Johnny and Glenna's home (their neighbors) and it will be really good. A couple days later, we found a family to teach!! The mom's name is Brandi, and she has two kids, Johnathan (18) and Ashley (13). They all seemed interested and excited and we should be seeing them with the father home tomorrow night! We really hope they will progress and we are excited to begin teaching them.
Well that's really all the time I have; Elder Hardy has to get on ;)


Elder Grondel

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