Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 84

Hey there y'all!! It's been another great week here in Frisco! It has sadly also been my last. We got transfer calls on Saturday, and I'm outta here. As usual, they don't tell us where we're going and I'll find out tomorrow. I do know that I'm being released as a Zone leader and I'm being called as a District leader, for which I am way excited. I haven't been a district leader for 6 months and now I can take all the cool things I learned as a zone leader and apply it to my district. It will be fun to have a smaller group, too.

This week went pretty well. In the last couple weeks in the zone we had baptismal dates come out of no where and so we were able to finish off the month with 3 baptisms. This year we have a goal of 1000 as a mission and we already have brought 85 souls unto Christ so far this month. I am excited to see where I go to help others to make that covenant of baptism.

Sarah is doing good. She has been pretty busy lately but she met with us last night and we had a good lesson with her. We read out of the Book of Mormon with her and had a good discussion. It was 2 Nephi 1 and so we talked a lot about putting off the armor of righteousness and shaking off the chains of the world.

Samantha is doing about the same. She may be getting kicked out because they are really behind on rent and she would have to go down to Corpus Christi to have a place to live. Hopefully that doesn't happen.

That's really it. We had a miracle story with a lady named Tonia. She is dating someone who joined the church when he was a teenager in Ohio, moved to Utah, and moved back to Ohio, where he went inactive and actually had his name removed from the records because of family problems. Now he's here in Texas and he has been regretting that decision and wants to get rebaptized. She has learned a lot (she already has her own copy of the triple combination) and really wants to know more. We committed her to baptism for the end of this months and she said she wants to know more. She wants to get baptized, but she doesn't feel ready yet. So we'll get her there. I'm kinda bummed I won't be able to see that, but I know it is in the Lord's hands.

Well, that's really it! I've got to pack among other things today, but I love and miss all of you and hope y'all have a great week!!


Elder Grondel

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